Organisation profile: Voice Security Systems, Inc.

[ ID = 1734 ] Voice Security Systems, Inc. 
Organisation nameVoice Security Systems, Inc. 
Short name or acronymVoice Security Systems, Inc. 
Organisation typePrivate company 
Activity typeLanguage or Speech Technology provider 
Address 24591 Seth Circle 
Postal Code 92629 
City Dana Point 
Country United States 
Phone + 1 949 493 4030
Fax + 1 949 388 7714
Email sherrie_(on)_voice-security.com 
Organisation URL http://www.voice-security.com 
Speaker Verification:Voice Security Systems has developed a patented 
technology*(see below) utilizing a biometric** (voice) signature 
to authenticate Users, allowing them to:
ē Login to their PDAsē Activate their Cell 
Phonesē Login to their computers
ē Access their data. ē Perform transactions. ē 
Gain access to restricted areas. 
 This unique, safe, secure and easy to implement technology helps solve the 
problem of (illegal) users gaining access to unauthorized equipment, data or 
This technology can be integrated into your product by either incorporating the 
technology into your application with minimal impact on your product ' s 
design, or by using a smart-card /reader and a microphone.
We also have prototyped a door opener: 
This list goes on and on... Voice Security ' s Engineers have been able to 
demonstrate this technology on a $10 smart card using Voice Security's API 
in less then 1k. We can integrate this technology into several platforms; smart 
cards, door locks, cell phones, PDA s, computers, garage door openers, 
automobiles, aircrafts, plus any and all other electronic devices that are 
utilized in access control.Why is Voice Security ' s Technology better?
 Language/accent independent use any language or invent your own phrase/sounds 
Visit our web site for a free (and anonymous) demo of our Biometric Speaker 
Verification Technology.Our Technology can be adjusted to the level of security 
needed for various platforms. Please try different languages so you can see 
this performance. You can even pick your own phrase.
NameCEO Sherrie Adcock 
Phone+ 1 949 493 4030
Fax+ 1 949 388 7714
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