Project description: Valency Lexicon of Czech Verbs

[ ID = 0041 ] VALLEX 
Project nameValency Lexicon of Czech Verbs 
Short name or acronymVALLEX 
Project URL http://ckl.mff.cuni.cz/zabokrtsky/vallex/1.0/index.html 
Project description

The Valency Lexicon of Czech Verbs, Version 1.0 (VALLEX 1.0) is a collection of 
linguistically annotated data and documentation, resulting from an attempt at 
formal description of valency frames of Czech verbs. It is closely related to 
the Prague Dependency Treebank (PDT) project. 

VALLEX 1.0 contains roughly 1400 verbs (counting only perfective and 
imperfective verbs, but not their iterative counterparts). 

VALLEX 1.0 is designed with an emphasis on both human and machine readability. 
Therefore both linguists and developers of applications within the Natural 
Language Processing domain can use and critically evaluate its content. Vallex 
is available to researchers as well as to anyone else using it for 
non-commercial purposes (under the terms of the license agreement below), 
already now.
Project durationJan 2001 - Dec 2006
NameRNDr., PhD. Marketa Lopatkova
OrganisationCenter for Computational Linguistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,Charles University in Prague 
Address Malostranske namesti 25 
City118 00 Prague
Country Czech Republic 
Phone+420 2 2191 4258 
Fax+420 2 2191 4304 
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