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One of the items on ELSNET's agenda for the period 2000-2002 is to develop views on and visions of the longer term future of the field of language and speech technologies and neighbouring areas, also called ELSNET's Road Map for Human Language Technologies. As a first step in this process, ELSNET's Research Task group has organized a series of internal and open workshops with a number of prominent researchers an developers from our community.

ELSNET's roadmap will take the shape of a dynamically updated datastructure that reflects our visions of the future. In a background document we explain our approach to roadmapping. You will find the roadmap in its present state on http://elsnet.dfki.de

This is Version 2.1 of the Human Language Technologies (HLT) roadmap system. It is built using Macromedia Flash. To view the roadmaps, both your computer and browser have to support Flash and you might have to install the Flash plugin which should be available from your browser's plugin page. Additionally for best viewing your desktop has to be set to a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. The HLT roadmaps can be viewed in other resolutions; this, however, is not recommended.

The HLT roadmap system has been successfully tested with the following web browsers: Mozilla, Netscape Communicator 6 and 7, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, 5.5 and 6 and Apple Safari 1.0. All other browsers might not work correctly with the HLT roadmap system; preferrably, one of the tested browsers listed above should be used.

Workshops and other related events

The First Roadmap Workshop (Katwijk, November 2000)

The Second Roadmap Workshop (Toulouse, July 2001)

  • Open workshop in conjunction with ACL/EACL 2001 in Toulouse (F), with special focus on Knowledge Management
  • Workshop overview
  • Second Roadmap report (PDF), edited by Dorothee and Andreas Eisele

The Third Roadmap Workshop (Santiago de Compostela, September 2001)

  • Open workshop in conjunction with the MT Summit in Santiago de Compostela (ES), with special focus on Machine Translation
  • Workshop overview

The Fourth Roadmap Workshop (Keihanna, March 2002)

  • Open workshop in conjunction with the TMI 2002 conference in Keihanna (Japan), with special focus on Machine Translation
  • Workshop overview
  • Workshop report

The Fifth Roadmap Workshop (Las Palmas, June 2002)

  • Open workshop in conjunction with LREC 2002 in Las Palmas (Canary Islands, ES), with special focus on Multimodal Resources and Evaluation
  • Workshop overview

The Sixth Roadmap Workshop (Taiwan, September 2002)

The Seventh Roadmap Workshop (Berlin, October 2002)

DeepThought Roadmap Workshop (Berlin, Febnruary 2003)

(Towards) a Roadmap for Controlled Translation (Dublin, May 2003)

  • Invited talk by Steven Krauwer at the International Conference on Controlled-Language Translation (EAMT-CLAW 2003)
  • Powerpoint summary

International Roadmap for Language Resources (Paris, August 2003)

  • Workshop organised in Paris by ELSNET and ENABLER (originally planned for ACL 2003 in Sapporo but moved to Europe because of the SARS problem)
  • Workshop overview

Towards a Roadmap for Speech Technology (Geneva, Sepember 2003)

A Multilingual Europe -- Can we Really Handle This? (Czeske Budejovice, September 2003)

  • Invited talk by Steven Krauwer at TSD 2003 in Czeske Budejovice
  • Powerpoint summary (PDF)

The Basic Language Resource Kit (BLARK) as the First Milestone for the Language Resources Roadmap (Moscow, October 2003)

  • Invited talk by Steven Krauwer at SPECOM 2003 in Moscow
  • Full paper (in PDF)

Future Directions (Paris, November 2003)

  • Panel sponsored by ELSNET at LangTech 2003 in Paris
  • Presentations by David Nahamoo, Roger Moore, Alex Waibel and Steven Krauwer

Speculating on the Future for Automatic Speech Recognition (Virgin Islands, December 2003)

  • An ELSNET sponsored Survey of Attendees by Roger Moore at the IEEE ASRU Workshop in the Virgin Islands
  • Powerpoint summary (in PDF)



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