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[ ID = 2846 ] SmartKom 
Organisation nameSmartKom 
Short name or acronymSmartKom 
Organisation typeSpecialty society 
Activity typeSpeech technology 
Address DFKI - German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH, Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3 
Postal Code D-66123 
City Saarbruecken 
Country Germany 
Organisation URL http://www.smartkom.org/ 
Contemporary interaction between humans and technology is
characterized by product specific operation. Thus the user is required
to conform to the relevant sequence of instructions, in other words,
to learn the "language" of the machine. Machines do not provide
intuitively understandable interfaces with the consequence that many
users of a machine are unable to utilize its complete functionality.
Many people today, for instance, still have difficulty with the
operation of web-browsers or the programming of a video recorder. In
order to overcome the problems of interaction between people and
machines, intelligent communication assistants must be developed which
are able to analyze and understand various natural and temporally
coordinated input modalities like language, gesture, mimics and even
eye movement. Through user modeling, plan identification and learning
procedures, the systems adapt themselves to individual users and
develop into personal assistants. Through an analysis of the
operational and command context, even faulty and incomplete commands
may be meaningfully interpreted. They provide continuous active help
without always being explicitly commanded to do so. The communication
agents are personalized in that they are visualized as animated,
life-like characters. They may be represented as, for example, cartoon
characters. In the following, three application scenarios from
SmartKom will be more precisely described and as concrete visions
depicted via design studies.
NameProf. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster 
FunctionPrincipal Investigator 
DepartmentGerman Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH 
Phone+ +49 681 302 5252
Fax+ +49 681 302 5341
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