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Category:   E-CFP
Subject:   Call for Workshop Contributions MT 2010
From:   Steven Krauwer
Email:   Steven.Krauwer_(on)_let.uu.nl
Date received:   01 Mar 2001
Deadline:   15 Apr 2001
Start date:   18 Sep 2001

Call for Workshop Contributions MT 2010 -- Towards a Road Map for MT September 18, 2001 [** NB: date has changed from 19 to 18 **] Workshop organised by ELSNET and hosted by MT Summit VIII Santiago de Compostela, Spain September 18-22 2001 Aim and context: The aim of the workshop is to contribute to ELSNET's ongoing action to establish a road map for MT for the next decade. A road map comprises an analysis of the present situation, a vision of where we want to be in ten years from now, and a number of intermediate milestones that would help in setting intermediate goals and in measuring our progress towards our goals. The function of the road map is not to impose anything on anyone, but rather to provide a broadly supported definition of a context in which to position the MT community's efforts, which would allow us to identify common priorities for joint activities in e.g. research, resources and training. Scope: Papers are invited that * give critical analyses of the present state of the art in machine translation of written and spoken language, * present visions of the future of machine translation, both from a technological and from an application point of view, or * identify major milestones and challenges on our way towards the future, and/or ways to measure our progress along the road. Format: It will be a half- or full-day workshop, with three sessions: * The first session will aim at giving a critical analysis of the present situation. * The second session will be dedicated to visions of the future. * The third session will aim at establishing intermediate milestones (e.g. timelines, necessary research achievements), methods to evaluate progress along the road, and training requirements to be met in order to reach our goals. Audience: The primary audience consists of people with an analytical or future oriented, programmatic interest, both from research and from industry. Workshop schedule: * 15 April 2001: Submission deadline * 31 May 2001: Notification of acceptance * 15 July: Submission of final versions Submission details: Papers should be sent in electronic form to steven.krauwer_(on)_elsnet.org. For the submission format we follow the same guidelines as the main conference: http://www.eamt.org/summitVIII /author.html Core Programme/Organisation Committee: * Steven Krauwer (ELSNET, Netherlands) Chair * Niels Ole Bernsen (NIS, Denmark) * Paul Heisterkamp (Daimler-Chrysler, Germany) * Jose Pardo (UPM, Spain) * Pierre Isabelle (XEROX, France) * Arjan van Hessen (IP Globalnet, Netherlands) * Antonio Zampolli (U. Pisa, Italy) * Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI, Germany) * Oliviero Stock (IRST, Italy) * Susan Armstrong (ISSCO/ETI, Switzerland) * Herman Caeyers (LANT, Belgium) * Nuria Bel (gilcUB, Spain) * Ed Hovy (ISI, USA) Workshp URL: http://www.elsnet.org/mt2010 Contact details: Steven Krauwer email: steven.krauwer_(on)_elsnet.org ELSNET / UiL OTS www: http://www.elsnet.org Trans 10 phone: +31 30 253 6050 3512 JK Utrecht, NL fax: +31 30 253 6000

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