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Subject:   Interspeech 2006 - ICSLP
Email:   organizers_(on)_interspeech2006.org
Date received:   21 Jan 2006
Deadline:   07 Apr 2006
Start date:   18 Sep 2006

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Interspeech 2006 - ICSLP: Call for Papers Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 11:33:49 -0500 From: <organizers_(on)_interspeech2006.org> To: cfp-is2006_(on)_interspeech2006.org Interspeech 2006 - ICSLP September 17-21 2006 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania http://www.interspeech2006.org CALL FOR PAPERS INTERSPEECH 2006 - ICSLP, the Ninth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of speech science and language technology, will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 17-21, 2006, under the sponsorship of the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). The Interspeech meetings are considered to be the top international conference in speech and language technology, with more than 1000 attendees from universities, industry, and government agencies. They are unique in that they bring together faculty and students from universities with researchers and developers from government and industry to discuss the latest research advances, technological innovations, and products. The conference offers the prospect of meeting the future leaders of our field, exchanging ideas, and exploring opportunities for collaboration, employment, and sales through keynote talks, tutorials, technical sessions, exhibits, and poster sessions. In recent years the Interspeech meetings have taken place in a number of exciting venues including most recently Lisbon, Jeju Island (Korea), Geneva, Denver, Aalborg (Denmark), and Beijing. ISCA, together with the Interspeech 2006 - ICSLP organizing committee, would like to encourage submission of papers for the upcoming conference in the following topics of interest: Linguistics, Phonetics, and Phonology Prosody Discourse and Dialog Speech Production Speech Perception Physiology and Pathology Paralinguistic and Nonlinguistic Information (e.g. Emotional Speech) Signal Analysis and Processing Speech Coding and Transmission Spoken Language Generation and Synthesis Speech Recognition and Understanding Spoken Dialog Systems Single-channel and Multi-channel Speech Enhancement Language Modeling Language and Dialect Identification Speaker Characterization and Recognition Acoustic Signal Segmentation and Classification Spoken Language Acquisition, Development and Learning Multi-Modal Processing Multi-Lingual Processing Spoken Language Information Retrieval Spoken Language Translation Resources and Annotation Assessment and Standards Education Spoken Language Processing for the Challenged and Aged Other Applications Other Relevant Topics SPECIAL SESSIONS In addition to the regular sessions, a series of special sessions has been planned for the meeting. Potential authors are invited to submit papers for special sessions as well as for regular sessions, and all papers in special sessions will undergo the same review process as papers in regular sessions. Confirmed special sessions and their organizers include: * The Speech Separation Challenge, Martin Cooke (Sheffield) and Te-Won Lee (UCSD) * Speech Summarization, Jean Carletta (Edinburgh) and Julia Hirschberg (Columbia) * Articulatory Modeling, Eric Bateson (University of British Columbia) * Visual Intonation, Marc Swerts (Tilburg) * Spoken Dialog Technology R&D, Roberto Pieraccini (Tell-Eureka) * The Prosody of Turn-Taking and Dialog Acts, Nigel Ward (UTEP) and Elizabeth Shriberg (SRI and ICSI) * Speech and Language in Education, Patti Price (pprice.com) and Abeer Alwan (UCLA) * From Ideas to Companies, Janet Baker (formerly of Dragon Systems) PAPER SUBMISSION The deadline for submission of 4-page full papers is April 7, 2006. Paper submission will be exclusively through the conference website, using submission guidelines to be provided. Previously-published papers should not be submitted. The corresponding author will be notified by e-mail of the paper status by June 9, 2006. Minor updates will be allowed from June 10 to June 16, 2006. CALL FOR TUTORIAL PROPOSALS We encourage proposals for three-hour tutorials to be held on September 17, 2006. Those interested in organizing a tutorial should send a 2-3 page description by electronic mail to tutorials_(on)_interspeech2006.org, in plain ASCII (iso8859-1) text as soon as possible, but no later than January 31 2006. Proposals for tutorials should contain the following information: * Title of the tutorial * Summary and relevance * Description of contents and course material * The names, postal addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of the tutorial speakers, with a one-paragraph statement describing the research interests and areas of expertise of the speaker(s) * Any special requirements for technical needs (display projector, computer infrastructure, etc.) IMPORTANT DATES Four-page paper deadline: April 7, 2006 Notification of paper status: June 9, 2006 Early registration deadline: June 23, 2006 Tutorial Day: September 17, 2006 Main Conference: September 18-21, 2006 For further information: http://www.interspeech2006.org or send email to info_(on)_interspeech2006.org Organizer: Professor Richard M. Stern (General Chair) Carnegie Mellon University Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890 Fax: +1 412 268-3890 email:chair_(on)_interspeech2006.org

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