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Category:   E-CFP
Subject:   Call for Papers: ESAW 01 Workshop
From:   Paolo Petta
Email:   paolo_(on)_oefai.at
Date received:   07 May 2001
Deadline:   14 May 2001
Start date:   07 Jul 2001

2nd International WORKSHOP ENGINEERING SOCIETIES in the AGENTS' WORLD ESAW'01 http://lia.deis.unibo.it/confs/ESA W01/ 7 July 2001, Czech Technical University, Prague (Czech Republic) Co-located with the Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence (ACAI-01), incorporating the Third European Agent Systems Summer School (2-13 July 2001) and The Second AgentLink II General Meeting (9-11 July 2001) Deadline for Submission: 14 May 2001 The ESAW workshop series is the result of a collaboration promoted by AgentLink, the European Network of Excellence on Agent-Based Computing. The organizers of the present edition wish to acknowledge the permission granted to mark the event with the AgentLink II seal of quality. This event is also supported by the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence, ÖGAI. AIMS & SCOPE As we are moving rapidly into the age of ubiquitous and persistent information services, the pressure on information technology designers and implementors is mounting steadily to provide sustainable solutions for the deployment, utilization and regulation of computational infrastructures that pose unheard of challenges in terms of quantitative as well as qualitative dimensions. This state of affairs is reflected in the inflationary explosion of "ilities" and iQuos populating system-wide requirement lists, when little is still known about such fundamental design criteria as whether any of these properties can be introduced gradually into existing environments or whether "cannot be added after the fact" spells out an unrelenting basic tenet of the game. Pursuit of the mission to foster and maintain communication across this variegated landscape is as indispensable as it poses an exciting challenge by itself, at a time where disparate approaches to tackle this grand challenge develop at a flabbergasting pace under the guises of novel coordination sciences; grids trying to harness lessons of good engineering; service-providing interaction intermediaries; analyses of situated activity and research in the social sciences; abductively derived multi-MAS infrastructures; extensions of proven object-oriented best practices so as to get a handle on interaction; or application-driven industrial entries. The sequel to last year's highly successful first edition, and with the intent to contribute significantly to maintain the momentum established with recent publications such as the special volume of Applied Artificial Intelligence on Coordination (15(1), 2001); the post-proceedings of ESAW'00 (Springer-Verlag LNAI 1972); and the book on Coordination of Internet Agents (Springer-Verlag, 2001); ESAW 01 remains committed to the use of the notion of multi-agent systems as seed for animated constructive discussions of high quality about technologies, methodologies, and models for the engineering of complex distributed applications. Focussing on social aspects of MAS, the workshop places an emphasis on technology and methodology issues, while also welcoming theoretical and empirical contributions with well-documented connections to these core subjects. TOPICS OF INTEREST therefore include: * coordination models and technologies for engineering of agent societies * analysis, design, development and verification of agent societies * engineering social intelligence and emergent behaviours in MAS * application experiences in building agent societies * centralised vs. decentralised social control * interaction-coordination patterns in agent societies * security and mobility issues in agent societies * enabling infrastructures for agent societies * visibility and individuality of agents * methodologies, tools and artifacts for engineering agent societies * design vs. self-organisation * insightful analyses of negative results SUBMISSION MODALITIES Contributions should not exceed 12 pages and should be formatted according to the LNCS/LNAI style guide: http://www.springer.de/comp /lncs/authors.html Only electronic submission is allowed. Submissions are accepted only as documents in Postscript or PDF which have to be printable on a standard printer on common paper formats like letter and DIN A4. Please use a Postscript previewer such as Ghostview to check the portability of Postscript documents. The only acceptable compression format for submissions is Zip-Format. Please send your contribution to: Robert Tolksdorf mailto:tolk_(on)_cs.tu-berlin.de DEADLINES Submissions : 14 May, 2001 Notifications of acceptance : 7 June, 2001 Camera-ready final papers : 21 June, 2001 WORKING NOTES AND POST-PROCEEDINGS The revised versions of accepted papers will be collected in the ESAW'01 Working Notes. Working Notes with all accepted contributions will be available at the workshop. As for the first workshop edition (LNAI 1972), post-proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag as a volume of the Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence series. Authors of papers presented at the workshop will be invited to extend their contribution, possibly incorporating the results of the workshop discussion, to be included in the workshop's post-proceedings. WORKSHOP ORGANISATION ESAW 01 will take place on the 7th of July, 2001 at Czech Technical University, in Prague. The workshop will be held in conjunction with Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence (ACAI-01), incorporating the Third European Agent Systems Summer School, and with an AgentLink II General Meeting. The organisers welcome and encourage submission of original papers, promoting and soliciting the discussion on the key topics among workshop attendants. To further encourage and promote the discussion, early and final versions of the accepted papers will be available to authors, speakers, PC members and workshop attendants on the ESAW'01 web site immediately after notification of the authors. Workshop Organisers & Chairs Andrea Omicini (Italy) aomicini_(on)_deis.unibo.it> Paolo Petta (Austria) paolo_(on)_oefai.at> Robert Tolksdorf (Germany) tolk_(on)_cs.tu-berlin.de> Program Committee (as confirmed on 26.4.2001, further confirmations pending) Cristiano Castelfranchi (Italy) Paolo Ciancarini (Italy) Helder Coelho (Portugal) Yves Demazeau (France) Rino Falcone (Italy) Rune Gustavsson (Sweden) Chibab Hanachi (France) Matthias Klusch (Germany) Lyndon C. Lee (UK) Andrea Omicini (Italy) H. Van Dyke Parunak (USA) Paolo Petta (Austria) Jeremy Pitt (UK) Agostino Poggi (Italy) Antony Rowstron (UK) Christophe Sibertin-Blanc (France) Paul Tarau (USA) Robert Tolksdorf (Germany) José M. Vidal (USA) Franco Zambonelli (Italy)

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