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Subject:   TRAIN-IT courses and events update
From:   Helga Bechmann
Email:   bechmann_(on)_izet.de
Date received:   07 Nov 2001
Start date:   18 Nov 2001

****************************************************** Time to market... your ideas! www.train-it.org ****************************************************** The next TRAIN-IT course is coming up: November 18-24, 2001 * Training content: How to write an investor-winning business plan * Target group: Entrepreneurs from Information Society Technologies Hands-on training with top-level international experts and successful entrepreneurs who share their experience and give advice in lectures and individual coachings on key issues of business planning: - Market Research: know your market, your customer, your competition - Financing: VC, bank, business angel? - Financial forecasts: learn how to derive the figures - Marketing: work out a strategic concept - IPR: how can you protect your intellectual property? * Follow-up support in the finalisation of the business plan * Access to the IZET network - connecting entrepreneurs with investors * More information: Helga Bechmann bechmann_(on)_izet.de phone: +49.4821.778-520 ******************************** Upcoming TRAIN-IT events ******************************** December 3-5, 2001: TRAIN-IT Infostand at the IST 2001 Conference and Exhibition in Duesseldorf December 5-6, 2001: TRAIN-IT Annual Workshop 2001 in Duesseldorf: We will present TRAIN-IT at the upcoming IST 2001 Conference and Exhibition in Duesseldorf, December 3-5. Following that is the TRAIN-IT Annual Workshop which is designed especially for TRAIN-IT alumni. For the programme, please check our website menu item "workshops" - should you take part in the upcoming November course, you will of course be entitled for participation at the Annual Workshop 2001. ********************************************* TRAIN-IT course dates 2002 and 2003 ********************************************* February 24 - March 2, 2002 - date change! - April 21 - 27, 2002 June 9 - 15, 2002 July 21 - 27, 2002 September 15 - 21, 2002 November 17 - 23, 2002 February 9 - 15, 2003 April 6 - 12, 2003 July 1 - 7, 2003 Contact details: Helga Bechmann Entrepreneurship Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung Itzehoe mbH Fraunhoferstr. 3, D-25524 Itzehoe phone: +49.4821.778-520 fax: +49.4821.778-500 e-mail: bechmann_(on)_izet.de www.izet.de www.train-it.org ****************************************** General information about TRAIN-IT ****************************************** TRAIN-IT offers a six-day course on how to write an investor-winning business plan. TRAIN-IT was originally designed to support technologists from Information Society Technologies (IST) who have developed an innovative technological idea and are planning a business start-up or a spin-out from an existing company. In the TRAIN-IT course, participants are taught the basics of a business plan regarding the main chapters market research and analysis, competitive analysis, financing (VCs, banks), marketing and sales, Intellectual Property Rights. These subjects are presented by experts. In addition to that, the experts are available for individual coaching sessions, so that participants can discuss their business planning in detail on a confidential, one-to-one basis. The compact organisation of the TRAIN-IT course saves participants time and money, as they are surrounded by specialists at their disposal. Following the course week, TRAIN-IT provides follow-up support in the finalisation of the business plan of up to 12 months, offering comments and advice on business plan drafts and access to the IZET network - connecting entrepreneurs with investors and possible business partners on request. The course venue and organiser of all TRAIN-IT courses is IZET Innovationszentrum Itzehoe/Hamburg, Germany. IZET is an International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology situated in a technology park right next to the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology (Fraunhofer ISIT). We are active in technology transfer and function as an incubator for start-up companies. Our facilities include computer training rooms with individual work places, so that each course participant has his/her own password-protected computer with internet access for the whole week to work on the business plan. As TRAIN-IT is a support measure of the IST Programme of the European Commission, participants of ongoing or finished projects in the IST or ESPRIT Programme are entitled to attend the course without paying the course fee, which is otherwise EURO 3000 per person. All participants need to pay their own travel expenses and hotel (DM 130 per night), as well as a per-person consumption fee of EUR 330,60 (EUR 285 + 16% VAT) for the whole week. In order to register for a TRAIN-IT course, please fill in our registration form at http://www.t rain-it.org/html/events/courses/registration.php 3 After that, please fill in the Participant Application Profile, which you can find at: http://www.tr ain-it.org/html/events/courses/application.htm You will see that the Application Profile is structured like a mini business plan. Please take your time to fill it out. The final decision on your eligibility for participation is based on the Application Profile. The more detailed information you give, the easier it will be for us to estimate what stage of business plan writing you are at and whether you will profit from the TRAIN-IT course, which is of course our aim. Also, with regard to the course itself, the information in the Profile helps us to make appropriate preparations for individual coaching sessions. For questions and assistance please contact the TRAIN-IT team at above address. ******************************** TRAIN-IT - we care for you! ********************************

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