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Category:   E-CFP
From:   Mark Tatham
Email:   mark.tatham_(on)_essex.ac.uk
Date received:   12 Mar 2001
Deadline:   19 Mar 2001

___________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION AREA at EUROSPEECH 2001 If you are thinking about submitting something for the ARENA and/or for the CD-ROM, please get in touch SOON!! If you are undecided, then please let me, on behalf of the EduSIG Committee and the Organisers of Eurospeech - urge you to make a positive dicision and come and join us! The meeting in Budapest was VERY rewarding and the cd-rom which was produced was of a high standard which is still proving very useful in laboratories around the world. This is one way to make sure your laboratory gets a HIGH PROFILE among the Speech Community. Let us have the latest versions of your materials to share with the whole community! Very best wishes, and looking forward to all your contributions! Mark Tatham Chairman, ISCA EduSIG PS - if you think you will miss the 19th March deadline - please let us have your proposal as soon as possible after this. Many thanks. ____________________________________________________________________________ ________ EDUCATION ARENA at EUROSPEECH 2001 www.eurospeech2001.org www.multimedia.tu-cottbus.de/edusig The Education Arena session during Eurospeech 2001- Scandinavia will showcase Computer-based Educational Materials in phonetics, speech technology and allied areas. It follows the success of a similar event mounted by the Socrates Thematic Network in Phonetics and Speech Communication at Eurospeech 1999 in Budapest. The Education Arena will be organised by the ISCA Education Special Interest Group (EduSIG), with the collaboration of ELSNET. As in 1999, a CD-ROM of materials and demonstrations will be produced and handed out to attendees. Timetable Materials for the CD-ROM only, or CD-ROM and demonstration: * 19th March: Deadline for the receipt of your proposal* to provide material for the ARENA CD-ROM * 9th April: Notification of acceptance/rejection of proposal * 30th April: Deadline for receipt of materials (accompanied by brief descriptive text - 1 A4 page) for the CD-ROM * May: Review of CD-ROM materials (with notification of acceptance or rejection by the end of May) Materials for demonstration only: * 11th June: deadline for the receipt of your proposal* * 30th June: notification of acceptance/rejection of proposal ** A proposal should take the form of a short description of what you propose to offer. This should be emailed (see below) and should be no more than 300-500 words in length. If you are providing material for the CD-ROM you will be given instructions concerning format, etc. with acceptance of your proposal. Participation: * Anyone may participate who is also attending Eurospeech as a registered delegate * There are three forms of participation (which are not mutually exclusive) A. You may run demos of your educational materials live during the EDUCATION ARENA session. B. You may give short 'rolling' presentations or a poster (about 5 minutes each) to small audiences of around 10 people during the EDUCATION ARENA session. C. You may submit working demonstrations or fully functioning educational software for inclusion on a CD-ROM which will be presented free of charge to attendees at the ARENA. You will be encouraged to present this material as well under A or B above. If you were a participant at the Budapest EDUCATION ARENA we would be pleased to receive a proposal to present any updated version of your software or other computer-based educational materials. Please note that we shall be providing only tables, chairs, some display boards and electricity - we shall not be providing computer or other electronic equipment for your presentation. One or two broadband internet connections will be available. Contacts: Proposals for participation should clearly indicate the type of presentation being offered - A, B or C, or a suitable combination of these, and be emailed to Mark Tatham, Anders Eriksson and to Martin Cooke - that is, sent to ALL THREE. Their addresses are: mark.tatham_(on)_essex.ac.uk, anderse_(on)_ling.su.se, m.cooke_(on)_dcs.shef.ac.uk Remember, the deadline for proposals is 19th March 2001 for material to be included on the CD-ROM, or 11th June for plain demonstration materials. The EduSIG Committee is: Mark Tatham, mark.tatham_(on)_essex.ac.uk, Chairman Bojan Petek, bojan.petek_(on)_uni-lj.si, Secretary Anders Eriksson, anderse_(on)_ling.umu.se, in charge EDUCATION ARENA Martin Cooke, m.cooke_(on)_dcs.shef.ac.uk, in charge CD-ROM preparation Klaus Fellbaum, fellbaum_(on)_kt.tu-cottbus.de, in charge Website Andrzej Drygajlo, andrzej.drygajlo_(on)_epfl.ch Denis Ramasse, ramasse.uni-caen_(on)_enseignant.com Jean-Paul Haton, jean-paul.haton_(on)_loria.fr Mark Huckvale, mark_(on)_phonetics.ucl.ac.uk Mike McTear, mf.mctear_(on)_ulst.ac.uk Phil Green, p.green_(on)_dcs.shef.ac.uk Rodolfo Delmonte, delmont_(on)_helios.unive.it ____________________________________________________________________________

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