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Category:   E-CFP
Subject:   TALN 2003: 2nd CALL FOR PAPERS
From:   Beatrice Daille
Email:   Beatrice.Daille_(on)_irin.univ-nantes.fr
Date received:   14 Jan 2003
Deadline:   07 Feb 2003
Start date:   11 Jun 2003

******************************************************************** TALN 2003 Traitement Automatique des Langues Naturelles Batz-sur-Mer (44) - France June 11-14 2003 organised by IRIN, University of Nantes in collaboration with the laboratories ACIDORE and VALORIA of the University of Bretagne and IRISA, INRIA Rennes and under the aegis of ATALA (French Association for Computational Linguistics). http://www.scie nces.univ-nantes.fr/irin/taln2003/ mailto:taln2003_(on)_irin.univ-nantes.fr< /a> ********** TALN 2003: SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS ********** ----> SUBMISSION DEADLINE: FRIDAY, February 7th 2003 <---- The 10th annual conference TALN 2003 will be held at Batz-sur-Mer (44) France on June 11 - 14 2003, organized by IRIN (Computer Sciences Institute of University of Nantes) in collaboration with the laboratories ACIDORE and VALORIA of the University of Bretagne-Sud and IRISA, INRIA, Rennes. TALN 2003 is organized under the aegis of ATALA (French Association for Computational Linguistics) and will be held jointly with the young researcher conference RECITAL 2003. The conference includes paper presentations, invited speakers, tutorials and software demonstrations. The official conference languages are French and English. ********** TOPICS ********** Papers are invited in all areas of NLP, including (but not limited to): lexicon morphology syntax semantics pragmatics discourse parsing generation abstraction/summarisation dialogue translation logical, symbolic and statistical approaches TALN 2003 also invites contributions in fields for which NLP plays an important role, as long as these contributions emphasize their NLP dimension: text processing cognition terminology knowledge acquisition information extraction information retrievial corpus-based linguistics mathematical linguistics management and acquisition of linguistic resources computer assisted learning NLP tools for linguistic modelization TALN 2003 also welcomes submissions focusing on NLP applications that have been implemented, tested and evaluated and emphasizing the scientific aspects and conclusions drawn. Software demonstrations can be proposed, either independently or in connection with a paper proposal. Specific sessions for the demos will be scheduled in the conference. ********** CALENDAR ********** ----> SUBMISSION DEADLINE: FRIDAY, February 7th 2003 <---- Notification to authors: April 7th 2003 Final version due (camera-ready): April 30th 2003 Conference: June 11-14, 2003 ********** SUBMISSION PROCEDURE ********** The maximum length for papers is 10 pages, in Times 12, single spaced, including figures, examples and references. Electronic submissions must reach the organizing committee before February, 7th 2003, sent to: taln2003@irin.univ-nantes.fr If electronic submission is not possible, 3 hard-copies of the paper must reach the organizing committee at the following address: TALN 2003 Beatrice Daille IRIN 2, rue de la Houssinière BP 92208 F-44322 NANTES Cedex 3 ********** FORMAT FOR SUBMISSIONS ********** Authors should send their submission as a file attached to an e-mail (rtf, ps or pdf files, A4 format and not US Letter format), containing the following informations: submission title and author's names. The formats that MUST be used are available on the Conference web site: http://www.scie nces.univ-nantes.fr/irin/taln2003/ ********** SELECTION CRITERIA ********** Authors are invited to submit original, previously unpublished work. Submissions will be reviewed by at least 2 specialists of the domain. Decisions will be based on the following criteria : Importance and originality of the paper Accuracy of the scientific and technical content Comparison of the results obtained with other relevant work Layout and clarity of the paper Relevance to the topics of the conference Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference. ********** DEMOS AND POSTERS ********** One or two specific sessions for the demos and the posters (85 x 120 cm) will be scheduled in the conference. The demo or poster submissions accord to the same rules of paper submission, BUT they should not exceed 6 pages. ********** TALKS ********** Papers should be of 20 minutes duration. 10 minutes will be left for questions. It will be possible to use a overhead projector or a video-projector. ********* PROCEEDINGS ********** The conference proceedings will be given to all participants. The editorial board of the international journal "Traitement Automatique des Langues" (TAL) will select two papers for publication. ********** PROGRAMME COMMITTEE ********** (the program committee will be supervised by a broad reviewing committee) Jean-Yves Antoine, VALORIA, Université de Bretagne Sud Philippe Blache, LPL-CNRS Aix en Provence Christian Boitet, CLIPS-GETA Université de Grenoble Beatrice Daille, IRIN, Université de Nantes (Chair) Alexandre Dikovsky, IRIN, Université de Nantes Brigitte Grau, CNRS-LIMSI, Paris Pierre Isabelle, Xerox Daniel Kayser, LIPN, Université de Paris-Nord Philippe Langlais, RALI/DIRO, Université de Montréal Dominique Laurent, Synapse Toulouse Denis Maurel, LI Université de Tours Jean-Marie Pierrel, ATILF & LORIA ? UHP Nancy 1 Martin Rajman, EPFL Lausanne Pascale Sebillot, IRISA Jean Veronis, DELIC Université de Provence Leo Wanner, Université de Stuttgart François Yvon, ENST Pierre Zweigenbaum, DIAM Paris ****LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE (Common with RECITAL) ******** Jean-Pierre Angoujard (AAI/Université de Nantes) Jean-Yves Antoine (VALORIA/Université de Bretagne-Sud) Denis Bechet (IRISA) Beatrice Daille (IRIN/Université de Nantes) Alexande Dikovsky (IRIN/Université de Nantes) Chantal Enguehard (IRIN/Université de Nantes) Fabrice Even (IRIN/Université de Nantes) Annie Foret (IRISA/Université de Rennes 1) Nordine Fourour (IRIN/Université de Nantes) Olga Galatanu (CALD/Université de Nantes) Jerome Goulian (VALORIA/Université de Bretagne-Sud) Erwan Moreau (IRIN/Université de Nantes) Emmanuel Morin (IRIN/Université de Nantes) Freddy Perraud (IRIN/Université de Nantes) Frank Poirier (VALORIA/Université de Bretagne-Sud) Igor Schadle (VALORIA/Université de Bretagne-Sud) Pascale Sebillot (IRISA/Université de Rennes 1) Annie Tartier (IRIN/Université de Nantes) Geoffrey Williams (ACIDORE/Université de Bretagne-Sud)

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