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Category:   E-Conf
Subject:   AMLaP-2001 Call for Participation
From:   Matthew Crocker
Email:   crocker_(on)_coli.uni-sb.de
Date received:   16 Jul 2001
Start date:   20 Sep 2001

* * * PLEASE POST * * * ___________________________________________________________ AMLaP-2001 Call for Participation AMLaP-2001 ARCHITECTURES AND MECHANISMS FOR LANGUAGE PROCESSING AMLaP-2001 SAARBRUECKEN GERMANY 20-22 September 2001 ___________________________________________________________ http://www.amlap.org/2001/ - AMLaP-2001 The 7th annual conference on Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing (AMLaP-2001), will be held in Saarbruecken, Germany from September 20-22, 2001. The aim of the conference is to bring together psychological, computational, and theoretical perspectives on the cognitive mechanisms which underlie any aspect of human language processing. Integration of experimental psycholinguistic investigations with formal or computational models of psychological processes is especially encouraged. - SPECIAL SESSION This years conference will also include a special session on the theme: "Experience-based Models of Language Processing" - INVITED SPEAKERS: Dan Jurafsky, University of Colorado, Boulder Jeff Elman, University of California, San Diego Michael Tomasello, MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig - ACCEPTED PAPERS Semantic evaluation of syntactic structure Lyn Frazier, Anne Cook, Maria Nella Carminati and Keith Rayner The asymmetric effect of local context on word duration: Consequences for models of production William D. Raymond, Michelle Gregory, Daniel Jurafsky, and Alan Bell The influence of extraposition on the acceptability of German SC/RC- and RC/SC- doubly embedded sentences Lars Konieczny and Tobias Bormann Do eye movements reflect the spread of semantic activation during spoken word recognition? Eiling Yee and Julie Sedivy When two cats are better than none: Children's interpretation of relative clauses (revisited). Anna Weighall and Gerry Altmann Why syntactic ambiguity is costly after all: Reading time and ERP evidence Stefan Frisch, Matthias Schlesewsky, Douglas Saddy and Annegret Alpermann Overt prosody and ambiguity resolution in silent reading Nenad Lovric, Dianne Bradley and Janet Dean Fodor TITLE TO BE ANNOUNCED Martin J. Pickering, Janet F. McLean, Holly P. Branigan, and Liesbeth Timmermans Looking for objects of verbs: Visual representations help only post-linguistic operations in sentence comprehension Roberto G. de Almeida, Caroline van de Velde The Application of Universal Hierarchies during Sentence Processing: Evidence for Incremental, Interactive Thematic Processing Ina Bornkessel, Matthias Schlesewsky and Angela D. Friederici Nipping spoken garden-paths in the bud: Lexical priming of argument structure during auditory language comprehension Jared Novick and John C. Trueswell Metrical encoding for words with regular and irregular stress Niels O. Schiller Priming of noun phrase structure Alexandra Cleland Filler-gap dependencies in non-canonical word orders in Japanese Edson T. Miyamoto and Shoichi Takahashi Do listeners use discourse-level information to predict upcoming words in an unfolding sentence? An ERP study Jos J.A. van Berkum, Colin M. Brown, Pienie Zwitserlood, abd Valesca Kooijman Lexicalisation of novel vocabulary items: Effects of exposure level and time Gareth Gaskell and Nicolas Dumay Resolving Baker's paradox using Simplicity Luca Onnis and Nick Chater Effects of statistical analogy in reading Dutch verb forms Mirjam Ernestus and Pim Mak Stress Assignment in Dutch: Memory-Based, Rule-Based, or Both? Gert Durieux, Steven Frisson, Helena Taelman, Evelyn Martens, Walter Daelemans, Steven Gillis, and Dominiek Sandra Unsupervised grammar learning from large corpora by neural networks. Fermin Moscoso del Prado Martin and R. Harald Baayen Experience-based acquisition of minority defaults: learning the German -s plural Heike Behrens From single words to productive morphosyntax: Modeling the acquisition of grammatical constructions Nancy Chang A distributional account of agreement production Robert Thornton, Todd R. Haskell, and Maryellen C. MacDonald Unsupervised Learning of Verb Classes from Lexical Statistics Paola Merlo and Suzanne Stevenson - PROGRAMME The complete conference programme, including schedule of talks, and the list of posters to be presented will appear on the conference web site in early August. - LOCATION AMLaP will be held in the Saarbruecken Castle (Schloss) located in central Saarbruecken, overlooking the Saar river and the city. The Schloss is a modernly renovated castle providing both a stimulating setting and excellent conference facilities. Saarbruecken is located in south-western Germany on the French border and about 100km from Luxemburg. - REGISTRATION The registration fees for the the conference include the following: * Attendance of the conference * All coffee breaks * Buffet lunch on all 3 days * The conference dinner Fees in EURO | Early On-Site -------------|----------------------- Student | Euro 100 Euro 120 Regular | Euro 160 Euro 200 (Approximate EURO conversions: EURO 1 = DM 2, EURO 1 = USD 0.85) Full conference and registration details, including registration forms can be found at: http://www.amlap.org/2001/ Queries should be directed to: amlap2001_(on)_amlap.org Conference Chairs: Matthew W Crocker Frank Keller Christoph Scheepers [Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message.]

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