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Subject:   CLUK
From:   Eric Atwell
Email:   eric_(on)_comp.leeds.ac.uk
Date received:   17 Dec 2001
Start date:   08 Jan 2002

========================================================================= 5th Annual CLUK Research Colloquium CLUK'5, 8-9 January 2002, University of Leeds LAST CALL FOR REGISTRATION Please register online BEFORE 20 DECEMBER (before Xmas!): http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/cluk5 ========================================================================= Computational Linguistics UK (CLUK) aims to provide a forum for the Computational Linguistics community in the UK. Guest Speakers: Mark Davies, Illinois State University Using Relational Databases to Create Unlimited and User-Defined Annotation on Large Corpora: A 100 Million Word Corpus of Historical and Modern Spanish and Tony McEnery, Lancaster University Corpus Linguistics and Minority Language Engineering The colloquium will be held at Charles Morris Hall, University of Leeds. The cost of participation, which includes a copy of the proceedings, B&B, lunches, and dinner, will be GBP85 (daytime-only rate GBP45). Further details and ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM at the CLUK5 website: http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/cluk5 PROGRAMME: TUESDAY 8th JANUARY 2002: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ 10:00 ARRIVAL 10:30 GUEST SPEAKER: Tony McEnery, University of Lancaster Corpus Linguistics and Minority Language Engineering 11:30 tea/coffee 12:00 Judita Preiss, University of Cambridge Anaphora Resolution with Memory Based Learning 12:20 Hazel Davies, University of Leeds Towards a Coding Scheme for Politeness and Impoliteness Strategies in English Language Corpora 12:40 Irena Spasic, University of Salford A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Unsupervised Learning of Context Features 13:00 LUNCH 14:00 Fang Huang, University of Sheffield Text Summarisation Based on Latent Semantic Analysis 14:20 Julie Weeds, University of Sussex The Reliability of a Similarity Measure 14:40 Gabriela Cavaglia, University of Brighton Measuring the Homogeneity of Different Varieties of Language 15:00 Advaith Siddharthan, University of Cambridge Resolving Relative Clause Attachment Ambiguities using Machine Learning Techniques and Word-Net Hierarchies 15:20 tea/coffee 15:50 SHORT PAPER: John Elliott, University of Leeds The SETI Challenge 16:00 SHORT PAPER: Yasuhiro Kawata, University of Essex Towards a Reference Tagset for Japanese 16:10 SHORT PAPER: Hosram Moharam, UMIST English Learner Corpora in Foreign Language Teaching (FLT): The Case of Arabic (EFL) Learners in Egypt 16:20 SHORT PAPER: Darren Pearce, University of Sussex A Comparative Evaluation of Collocation Extraction Techniques 16:30 SHORT PAPER: Xiao Yuan Duan, University of Leeds Semantic Association Between Web Pages: A Lexical Knowledge Based Method (17:00 CLUK committee business meeting) 18:00 DINNER WEDNESDAY 9th JANUARY 2002: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ 9:30 GUEST SPEAKER: Mark Davis, Illinois State University Using Relational Databases to Create Unlimited and User-Defined Annotation on Large Corpora: A 100 Million Word Corpus of Historical and Modern Spanish 10:30 Vahid Mirzaeian, UMIST Computational Content Based on Support for Persian Learners of English 10:50 Jon Herring, University of Brighton Is Morphology the Missing Link between Phonology and Orthography? 11:10 tea/cofee 11:30 Sandra Williams, University of Aberdeen Natural Language Generation of Discourse Connectives for Different Reading Levels 11:50 Christopher Brewster, University of Sheffield Techniques for Automated Taxonomies Building: Towards Ontologies for Knowledge Management 12:10 Dan Winchester and Mark Lee, University of Birmingham Cross-Document Co-reference of Proper Names 12:30 Linda Oxnard, University of Sheffield The Development of a Web-Derived Corpus for Learners of a Minoritized Language 12:50 CLOSING DISCUSSION 13:30 LUNCH 14:30 departure Programme Committee Eric Atwell - University of Leeds John Carroll - University of Sussex Anne De Roeck - University of Essex John Elliott - University of Leeds Jon Herring - University of Brighton Elenor Maclaren -Brunel University Diana Maynard - University of Sheffield Mark Moens - University of Edinburgh Nicholas Ostler - Linguacubun Ltd. Darren Pearce - University of Sussex John Tait - University of Sunderland Aline Villavicencio - Cambridge University Yorick Wilks - University of Sheffield (CLUK committee email: cluk-group_(on)_dcs.shef.ac.uk) Local organisation: Eric Atwell, Hazel Davies, John Elliott, David Roberts, Clive Souter, Menno van Zaanen email: cluk5_(on)_comp.leeds.ac.uk tel: 0113 233 6827/5761 fax: 0113 233 5468 Please register online BEFORE DECEMBER 20: http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/cluk5 -- Eric Atwell, Distributed Multimedia Systems MSc Tutor & SOCRATES Tutor School of Computing, University of Leeds, LEEDS LS2 9JT TEL: 0113-2335430 MOBILE: 0775-1039104 FAX: 0113-2335468 WWW: http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/eric EMAIL: eric_(on)_comp.leeds.ac.uk

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