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Subject:   SIGIR 2007 News Letter for June: MySIGIR special issue
Email:   sigir07_(on)_cs.utwente.nl
Date received:   21 Jun 2007
Start date:   23 Jul 2007

------------------------------------------------------------------------ SIGIR 2007 News letter for June 2007 special issue on MySIGIR The 30th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference 23-27 July 2007, Amsterdam ------------------------------------------------------------------------ In this edition: 1. SIGIR 2007 to break all time registration record 2. Q-go supports SIGIR Amsterdam at the gold level! 3. MySIGIR Forums: discuss *anything* about SIGIR Amsterdam 4. MySIGIR Interviews: Keith Van Rijsbergen likes it with 'uitjes'? 5. MySIGIR Blogs: Preprints of conference papers on-line 6. MySIGIR Tips for Visiting Amsterdam 7. MySIGIR Users by points 8. SIGIR 30th Anniversary Search Demo 9. Important Dates and More Info ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. SIGIR 2007 to break all time registration record With the early registration closed on 15 June, we have 422 people registered for SIGIR Amsterdam. That is more early registrations than the record year in 2006 in Seattle. If people keep on registering for SIGIR Amsterdam in the same pace, wel will break last year's record, which is a surprise considering that the non-US SIGIR conferences tend to be a bit smaller than the conferences in the US. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Q-go supports SIGIR Amsterdam at the gold level! We happily announce that Q-go has decided to support ACM SIGIR as a gold sponsor! Q-go is a fast-growing international software company based in the Netherlands. Q-go's unique Natural Language Search technology supports all major European languages and allows people to formulate questions in their own words through interactive channels. As a result, Q-go.s Customer Interaction Management software offers organisations optimum insight in their clients. or employees. real information needs and patterns. Q-go runs branch offices in Amsterdam, Bonn, Munich, Zürich, Madrid and Barcelona and supports a variety of major organisations, including ING Postbank, PGGM, Deutsche Telekom, UWV, Deutsche Postbank, Unigarant, Fortis, La Caixa, BBVA and Telefonica. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3. MySIGIR Forums: discuss *anything* about SIGIR Amsterdam Luis Sarmento in the MySIGIR Forum about Restaurants: "If you are planning to stay in Amsterdam for a while and cook for yourself it will be important to know where to buy the appropriate ingredients for your recipes. Because of its multi-cultural population, you can find in Amsterdam just about anything you need for cooking all types of foods." Read more on: http://my.sigir2007.org (access restricted to registered participants) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4. MySIGIR Interviews: Keith Van Rijsbergen likes it with 'uitjes'? Jaap Kamps at U. Amsterdam has interviewed IR researchers who are in some way connected to Amsterdam. Read about the first thing that comes Keith van Rijsbergen to mind when he thinks about Amsterdam: Salted herring. "On arrival I usually first find a stall to buy a salted herring 'met uitjes'" (i.e, "with onions"). Or a valuable tip from Christof Monz: "Rent a bike (or buy one second hand) while you're in Amsterdam. It's the best way to experience the city. (watch the traffic though...)" Read more on: http://my.sigir2007.org/ir_interviews (access restricted to registered participants) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5. MySIGIR Blogs: Preprints of conference papers on-line Some IR researchers already attempt to start discussions on their work via their MySIGIR blog. Fernando Diaz, for instance, posted links to preprints of UMass SIGIR papers: "Feel free to add links to your papers in the comments section on that page." Read more on: http://my.sigir2007.org/blog (access restricted to registered participants) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6. MySIGIR Tips for Visiting Amsterdam Ahhhh, Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands... It's a small city by European standards (population 800.000) but one of the most charming and delightful towns of Europe. It possesses the largest historical inner city of Europe, with beautiful monumental buildings and an extensive web of canals. The city can easily be explored on foot (...) MySIGIR contains many tips for visting Amsterdam, provided by IR researchers that registered for the conference. There are pages describing museums, theatres, shopping streets, monuments, open air markets and several other features of interest: generally within walking distance of the conference location. Read more on: http://my.sigir2007.org/ (access restricted to registered participants) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 7. MySIGIR users by points Registered SIGIR participants that contribute to MySIGIR earn points for every post they make. The SIGIR participant that earned by far most points is Edgar Meij: 241 points; which is 200 more than our participant "test", which obviously is the organisations test account... Contribute to MySIGIR to get your points: See: http://my.sigir2007.org/userpoints (access restricted to registered participants) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8. SIGIR 30th Anniversary Search Demo In many surveys about internet search, users admit they sometimes search "just for fun": no information need, no page to go to, no transaction to make, only fun... As you might know, SIGIR will have its 30th conference this year. To celebrate this Claudia Hauff and Djoerd Hiemstra have created some -just for fun- search applications at U. Twente: Enter your favorite IR topic to search in the abstracts of 30 years of SIGIR and find experts, periods and geographical locations associated with your search. Did you know that experts on "BM25" came from the UK, Australia and China in the last 5 years? You do not even know what "BM25" stands for? In that case, Have fun at: http://www.sigir2007.org/search ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9. Important Dates and More Info July 15 2007: Dead line for registration with normal fee. July 23-27, 2007: Conference in Amsterdam Web site: http://www.sigir2007.org MySIGIR: http://my.sigir2007.org Syndication: http://www.sigir2007.org/news/feed.rss NewsLetter: Send SUBSCRIBE to sigir07_(on)_cs.utwente.nl (leave the list at any time sending "SIGNOFF SIGIR2007") Contact: info_(on)_sigir2007.org _______________________________________________ Elsnet-list mailing list Elsnet-list_(on)_elsnet.org http://mailman.elsnet.org/mailman/listinfo/elsnet-list

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