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Subject:   BMVA meeting on Facial Analysis and Animation - PROGRAMME AND REGISTRATION
Email:   g.hofer_(on)_sms.ed.ac.uk
Date received:   18 May 2009
Start date:   10 Jun 2009

Dear all, Please forward the call to anyone that might be interested. thank you. Gregor Hofer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACIAL ANALYSIS AND ANIMATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- British Machine Vision Association and Society for Pattern Recognition One-Day Symposium at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton St, Edinburgh, UK June 10th, 2009 Facial Analysis and Animation http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/faa/ http://www.bmva.org/ REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN, SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS. Chairs: Darren Cosker (Uni. of Bath), Gregor Hofer (Uni. of Edinburgh), Michael Berger (Uni of Edinburgh), Nataliya Nadtoka (Uni. of Surrey) **************************Programme *************************** 9.00 Registration and Coffee 9.30 Welcome and Introduction Session 1 9.35 Invited Talk: Modelling the Appearance of Human Skin Tim Weyrich (UCL) 10.15 Shape-from-shading and Morphable Models for Estimating Facial Shape and Reflectance from Single Images Will Smith (Uni. of York) 10.35 In Search of the Uncanny Valley Frank Pollick (Uni. of Glasgow) 10.55 Coffee Session 2 11.15 Invited Talk: Facial Tracking Iain Matthews (Disney Research) 11.55 Visio-lization: Generating Novel Facial Images Umar Mohammed, Simon Prince and Jan Kautz (UCL) 12.15 Towards Dynamic 3D Face Transformations Bernard Tiddeman, David Perret, David Hunter and Yu Meng (Uni. of St Andrews) 12.35 Lunch, Posters and Demos Session 3 2.05 Invited Talk: Performance-Driven Facial Animation Steven Caulkin (Image Metrics) 2.45 An Automated Approach to Establishing Dense Correspondence for 3D Facial Models Guofu Xiang, Xiangyang Ju and Patrik O’B Holt (Robert Gordon Uni.) 3.05 Multi-view and Real-time Point-Based Rendering of Photo-Realistic Faces Sajid Farooq and J. Paul Siebert (Uni. of Glasgow) 3.25 Coffee Session 4 3.45 Synthesising Visual Speech Using Active Appearance Models: Speech-, Text- and Video-Driven Approaches Barry Theobald (Uni. of East Anglia) 4.05 Model-based Synthesis of Visual Speech Movements from 3D Video James Edge, A. Hilton and P. Jackson (Uni. of Surrey) 4.25 Cloning Speakers’ Articulation, Shape and Appearance Gérard Bailly, Pierre Badin, Frédéric Eisel, Oxana Govokhina, Christophe Savariaux and Yuliya Tarabalka (GIPSA-Lab, CNRS & Uni. of Grenoble) 4.45 Partial Differential Equations for Face Modelling and Animation Hassan Ugail, G. Gonzales Castro (Uni. of Bradford), P. Willis and Y. Sheng (Uni. Bath) 5.05 Close ************************** Posters **************************** Speaker Dependent Audio-Visual Emotion Recognition Sanaul Haq and Phillp J.B. Jackson (Uni. of Surrey) Animating Believable Facial Expressions: Is it Possible to Choreograph Perceptually Valid Emotional Expressions? Robin J.S. Sloan, Brian Robinson and Malcolm Cook (Uni. of Abertay) Highly Realistic Face Animation Driven by Stereovision Data Marie-Odile Berger, Brigitte Wrobel, Blaise Potard and Vincent Colotte (LORIA Laboratory) Robust Facial Detection and Tracking for Head Pose Estimation in a Novel Multimodal Interface for Social Skills Learning Jingying Chen (Uni. of Edinburgh) Towards Realistic Facial Animation Alexander Davies, Colin Dalton, David Gibson and Neill Campbell (Uni. of Bristol) Facial Animation in Dogs A. A. Navarro Newball, G. Wyvill and B. McCane (Uni. of Otago) Roles in Articulation for Speech Animation Veena D. Singampalli and Phillip J.B. Jackson (Uni. of Surrey) Sketch-Based Facial Animation Orn Gunnarsson and Steve Maddock (Uni. of Sheffield) Nonlinear 3D Dynamic Facial Animation Darren Cosker (Uni. of Bath) Speech-Synchronized Animation at CSTR Michael Berger, Gregor Hofer, Hiroshi Shimodaira (Uni. of Edinburgh) Emotion Analysis for Expressive 3D Video Speech Synthesis Nataliya Nadtoka, James Edge, Adrian Hilton and Phillip Jackson (Uni. of Surrey) ***************************** Industry Demo ***************************** 4D capture technology by Dimensional Imaging *********************** Registration and Payment ************************ To register, simply send an e-mail mentioning the meeting ('10th of June 2009 Meeting in Edinburgh'), your name, address, and BMVA membership information ('member' or 'non-member'), and lunch option ('vegetarian' or 'standard') to BMVA_(at)_roystonparkin.co.uk. The fee is £5 for BMVA members and £25 for non-members. Nonmembers automatically gain BMVA membership via this payment. Lunch is included. The registration fee can be paid at the door (cash or UK cheque). Although not necessary, it is also possible to pay in advance by sending a cheque or postal order in the required amount made payable to 'The British Machine Vision Association'. Mailed payments may be sent via regular post to: BMVA Secretary Royston Parkin 95 Queen Street, Sheffield, S1 1WG United Kingdom Please include your name, address and meeting title ('10th of June 2009 Meeting in Edinburgh') with payment. NOTE: ALL ATTENDEES SHOULD REGISTER BY E-MAIL REGARDLESS OF METHOD OF PAYMENT _______________________________________________ Elsnet-list mailing list Elsnet-list_(at)_mailman.let.uu.nl http://mailman.elsnet.org/mailman/listinfo/elsnet-list

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