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Category:   E-CFP
Subject:   IWPT
From:   Harry Bunt
Email:   Harry.Bunt_(on)_kub.nl
Date received:   27 Aug 2001
Deadline:   31 Aug 2001

------------------------------------------------------------------------ C a l l f o r P a r t i c i p a t i o n IWPT 2001 7th International Workshop on Parsing Technologies Sponsored by ACL/SIGPARSE 17-19 October, 2001 Beijing, China http://www.icl.pku.edu.cn/iwpt2001/ %7E%7E%7E%7E Against the backdrop of the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, and many other cultural and natural highlights, the Institute of Computational Linguistics at Peking University, Beijing, China, will host the 7th International Workshop on Parsing Technologies (IWPT'01) from 17 to 19 October, 2001. (Note that October is the most beautiful and pleasant time of the year in Beijing, with average daytime temperatures of around 20 degrees Centigrade and average nighttime low of 9 degrees C.) IWPT'01 continues the tradition of biennial workshops on parsing technology organised by SIGPARSE, the Special Interest Group on Parsing of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL). ******************************************** * INVITED SPEAKERS: * * * * Michael Collins (AT&T Labs/Research) * * Donald Hindle (AnswerLogic) * * Aravind Joshi (UPenn, Philadelphia) * * * ******************************************** Program: -------- Three days of: - invited talks - long papers - short papers and posters and discussions. See the Program page at http://www.icl.pku.edu.cn/iwpt2001/ (Due to damage caused in computers at Peking University by the Code Red virus, this web site has been inactive for a while - our apologies for that.) Registration: ------------- Early registration is possible until August 31; after that date the registration fee will be higher. Please register online using the IWPT'01 web pages at http://www.icl.pku.edu.cn/iwpt2001/ At the web site you can also find information about accomodation and other relevant information. IWPT'01 Organization: --------------------- General Chair: Harry Bunt (Tilburg University, Netherlands) Programme Chair: Giorgio Satta (University of Padua, Italy) Local Organizing Committee: Fuliang Weng (Bosch Research and Tech Center, California, Co-Chair) Shiwen Yu (Peking University, Beijing, China, Co-Chair) Youqi Cao (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China) Qunxiu Chen (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China) Houfeng Wang (Secretariat, wanghf_(on)_pku.edu.cn, Peking University, China) Programme Committee: -------------------- Shuo Bai (Ministry of Information Industry, China) Eric Brill (Microsoft Research, USA) Harry Bunt (Tilburg University, Netherlands) Bob Carpenter (SpeechWorks International Inc., USA) John Carroll (University of Sussex, UK) Ken Church (AT&T Labs Research, USA) Mark Johnson (Brown University, USA) Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania, USA) Ronald Kaplan (Xerox PARC, USA) Martin Kay (Xerox PARC, USA) Sadao Kurohashi (Kyoto University, Japan) Alon Lavie (Carnegie-Mellon University, USA) Yuji Matsumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan) Paola Merlo (University of Geneva, Switzerland) Mark-Jan Nederhof (DFKI, Germany) Anton Nijholt (University of Twente, Netherlands) Christer Samuelsson (Inzigo, Canada) Giorgio Satta (University of Padua, Italy) (chair) Satoshi Sekine (New York University, USA) Virach Sornlertlamvanich (NECTEC, Thailand) Mark Steedman (University of Edinburgh, UK) Oliviero Stock (ITC-IRST, Italy) Hozumi Tanaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan) Masaru Tomita (Keio University, Japan) Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI and Univeritat des Saarlandes, Germany) Eric Villemonte de la Clergerie (INRIA, France) Vijay-Shanker (University of Delaware, USA) David Weir (University of Sussex, UK) Mats Wiren (Telia Research, Sweden) Dekai Wu (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China) Tiejun Zhao (Harbin Institute of Technology, China) Further information ------------------- Additional information about IWPT'01 is available at the URL: http://www.icl.pku.edu.cn/iwpt2001/ At the SIGPARSE site at http://parlevink.cs.utwente.nl/s igparse/ information is available about previous IWPTs, proceedings, books based on IWPTs, and SIGPARSE related activities. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Harry C. Bunt Professor of Linguistics and Computer Science Tilburg University P.O. Box 90153 5000 LE Tilburg, the Netherlands Phone: +31 - 13 466.3060 (secretary Anne Andriaensen) 2568 (Dean's office) 2653 (office, room B 310) Fax: +31 - 13 466.3110 Harry.Bunt_(on)_kub.nl WWW: http://cwis.k ub.nl/%7Efdl/general/people/bunt/index.stm -----------------------------------------------------------

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