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Category:   E-Conf
Subject:   Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
From:   Luis Villase
Email:   villasen_(on)_inaoep.mx
Date received:   30 Jan 2003
Deadline:   24 Mar 2003
Start date:   17 Aug 2003

Call for Participation CLIHC 2003 - Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, August 17-20, 2003 http://www.serg.inf.puc- rio.br/clihc2003 We invite all those interested in HCI to participate in the Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, CLIHC 2003. The broad topics of interest for contributions are: - Methods and tools for HCI design and evaluation - HCI Techniques - Theoretical and multidisciplinary aspects of HCI - Intelligent user interfaces - Applied HCI. There are several ways you can contribute to the success of CLIHC 2003. One of them is the submission of contributions in the following categories and corresponding deadlines: Full papers: March 24, 2003 Short papers and posters: March 31, 2003 Panels: March 24, 2003 Graduate and undergraduate students are also invited to participate in the Student Volunteering program. This program will provide support for the students who work in the conference for a total of 20 hours. Student work will include tasks such as helping to prepare the conference settings and helping conference attendees to locate sessions. Benefits for this kind of participation include free registration to the conference, one free tutorial, one copy of the proceedings and student volunteer t-shirts, among others. We also invite those who wish to express their interest and support to HCI to contribute as a CLIHC 2003 sponsor. There are several categories for potential sponsors with benefits that include free registration, publicity in the conference92s website and proceedings, among others. To find more about CLIHC 2003, please visit our website at: http://www.serg.inf.puc- rio.br/clihc2003 We look forward to seeing you in Rio! Conference Co-Chairs (clihc2003_chairs_(on)_inf.puc-r io.br) Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza, PUC-Rio, Brasil Alfredo Sanchez, UDLA-Puebla, Mexico Program Co-Chairs (clihc2003_program_(on)_inf.puc -rio.br) Full Papers (clihc2003_fullp_(on)_inf.puc-rio .br) Cleotilde Gonzalez, CMU, USA Simone Barbosa, PUC-Rio, Brasil Short Papers and Posters (clihc2003_shortp_(on)_inf.puc-r io.br) Heloisa Vieira da Rocha, Unicamp, Brasil Maria Cecilia Calani Baranauskas, Unicamp, Brasil Tutorials and Workshops (clihc2003_workshop_(on)_inf.p uc-rio.br) Manuel Perez-Quiñones, Virginia Tech, USA Raquel Prates, UERJ, Brasil Panels (clihc2003_panels_(on)_inf.puc-r io.br ) Jaime Sanchez, U. de Chile, Chile Marcos Borges, UFRJ, Brasil Organization Co-Chairs (clihc2003_(on)_inf.puc-rio.br) Alberto Raposo, PUC-Rio, Brasil Cecilia Kremer V. da Cunha, PUC-Rio, Brasil Student Volunteers Co-Chairs (clihc2003_sv_(on)_inf.puc-rio.br) Clarissa Maria de Almeida Barbosa, PUC-Rio, Brasil Elton Jose da Silva, UFOP/PUC-Rio, Brasil Publicity Co-Chairs (clihc2003_publicity_(on)_inf .puc-rio.br) Luis Villaseñor, INAOE, Mexico Cuauhtemoc Rivera, U. de Chile (Chile), Universidad Michoacana (Mexico) Liaisons Argentina: Mauricio Lumbreras mlumbrer_(on)_sinectis.com.ar Bolivia: Miguel Villarroel, Universidad de Valladolid (Spain) miguelv_(on)_infor.uva.es England: Richard Boardman, Imperial College r.boardman_(on)_ic.ac.uk Ireland: Deirdre Bonini, Trinity College Dublin deirdre.bonini_(on)_eurocontrol. int / dbonini_(on)_tcd.ie Italy: Stefano Levialdi, Universitá di Roma "La Sapienza" levialdi_(on)_dsi.uniroma1.it Mexico: Mario Moreno, UTM mmoreno_(on)_nuyoo.utm.mx Portugal: Sonia Souza, Universidade Fernando Pessoa scsousa_(on)_kqnet.pt Spain: Julio Abascal, Universidad del Pais Vasco julio_(on)_si.ehu.es Venezuela: Hyxia Villegas, Universidad de Carabobo hyxia_(on)_uc.edu.ve USA: Rogerio DePaula, University of Colorado at Boulder Rogerio.Depaula_(on)_colorado.edu< /a>

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