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Category:   E-Announce
Subject:   EU Project Aladdin First Newsletter
From:   Edward White
Email:   ewhite_(on)_langtech.co.uk
Date received:   28 Jun 2006

<http://www.aladdin-project.org/aladdin/picture/newsletter/newsletter_logosi x.png> <http://www.aladdin-project.org/aladdin/picture/newsletter/newsletter_aladdi nlogo.png> First Aladdin NEWSLETTER Business Analysis May 2006 <http://www.aladdin-project.org/aladdin/picture/newsletter/newsletter_banner .png> Topic overview: Aladdin introduces itself Requirement Analysis First Prototype Aladdin introduces itself The EU project Aladdin was established by ten project partners from six different European countries to research and develop a combined mobile destination platform with the aim on one hand to provide incoming tour operators with a state of the art mobile workspace technology and on the other hand to offer travellers in their destination up-to-date, location based mobile services and information around their business or holiday stays. <http://www.aladdin-project.org/aladdin/newsletter_aladdinintro.html> continue _____ Requirement Analysis The scope for the first six months of the Aladdin project was to carry out an extensive business and system analysis in order to identify all requirements for the innovative mobile destination management platform. This task was split into different "sub" researches, focussing first on the analysis of processes and weaknesses along the lifecycle of a guided tour or individual travel within the travel destination. continue <http://www.aladdin-project.org/aladdin/newsletter_analysis.html> _____ First Prototype Presentation >From the consortium's perspective, the development of an early prototype can be seen to reduce the risk of technical aberration, since potential obstacles can be identified at an early stage in the development process. Thus at the beginning of the project the consortium decided to develop a prototype for an environmental workspace as well as for a traveller environment by March 2006. continue <http://www.aladdin-project.org/aladdin/newsletter_presentation.html> Imprint: ISO Software Systeme Eichendorffstraße 29 90491 Nürnberg Tel. +49 911/99 59 40 Fax +49 911/99 59 41 29 eMail:aladdin_(on)_isogmbh.de www.aladdin-project.com <http://www.aladdin-project.com> _______________________________________________ Elsnet-list mailing list Elsnet-list_(on)_elsnet.org http://mailman.elsnet.org/mailman/listinfo/elsnet-list

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