Where and how to find us

Where and how to find my office

We are part of the Utrecht institute of Linguistics UiL OTS. UiL OTS has several locations. We are now located at Drift 10:

By air

Fly to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or to Rotterdam Airport. Our national airline KLM has the best connections, but is not always cheap. Cheaper carriers may offer the same (or sometimes even better), but at a lower price, so it is worth checking for cheaper alternatives.
From Schiphol Airport to Utrecht
A taxi from Schiphol Airport to Utrecht can easily cost you over 100 euro, so we suggest that you take the train, which is both cheaper and faster. From the Arrival Hall, follow the train signs to the station hall. Buy a ticket to Utrecht (ca 8 euro for a single ticket, return tickets are ca 16 euro but can only be used on the same day). There are direct trains from Schiphol to Utrecht every 15 minutes (in both directions). Trains normally leave from track 1/2, at *.17 and *.47 throughout the day, on weekdays between  6:16 and 23:46. Between 07:00 and 21:00 (and on Sundays between 12:00 and 21:00) there are even trains every 15 minutes (*.00, *.30). Duration 32 minutes.

On your way back the pattern is similar, with direct trains from Utrecht to Schiphol at *:13 and *:43 (at least between 06:43 and 23:43; between 07:00 and 21:00 also at *:28 and *:58). Duration 32 minutes. Departure track varies, but 5 or 7 is a good guess. Try to take a train from Utrecht that leaves not later than 2.5 hours before departure of your (European) flight. That will normally give you enough time to miss a train, check in and have a coffee, but remember that Schiphol Airport has only one security checkpoint for all Schengen gates so you might be confronted with long queues. We recommend to use internet check-in if available.

During the night there are trains in both directions every hour, but they normally go through Amsterdam Central Station; the duration of the trip will be 50-60 minutes, and you may have to change trains.
From Rotterdam Airport to Utrecht
Information about transportation between Rotterdam Airport and Rotterdam Central Station is available on the website of Rotterdam Airport. From Rotterdam Central Station there are ca 5 direct trains to Utrecht every hour. Duration 35-45 minutes.

By car

Don't even try. If you manage to get there at all, the nearest place where you can park your car is probably the place where you left. We have no parking facilities, not for ourselves, and not for our guests. You could try to park in a parking garage near the Central Station or in the outskirts of the city and take a bus to the Central Station from there. There is a P+R site called Transferium, south of the city, close to the A12 (Arnhem - Utrecht - Den Haag/Rotterdam). Please note that our whole faculty is located in the inner city, and not in the University Center 'De Uithof', where you will find most other faculties.

By train

Utrecht has excellent train connections with the rest of the Netherlands (Utrecht-Amsterdam is only 30 minutes, with intercity trains every 15 minutes). On most connections the minimal frequency is every 30 minutes. There are direct train connections to Germany (and beyond). If you arrive from Belgium or France, you will normally have to change at Rotterdam CS (from there it is ca 40 minutes to Utrecht CS).


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