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[ ID = 0352 ] Rodmonga Potapova 
Name Potapova, Rodmonga
Job Title Head of Department 
Organisation Moscow Linguistic University 
Address Russia 119837,Ostozenca,38 
Postal Code 119837 
City Moscow 
Country Russian Federation 
Phone + (095) 201-5697
Fax + (095) 246-2807
Email potapova_(on)_linguanet.ru [@ replaced for spam protection]
Organisation URL  
Personal URL  
Specialism Speechtechnology:
Acoustic Phonetics
Audiovisual Speech Processing
Automated Natural Language Speech
Computational Lexicography
Computational Linguistics
Computer Assisted Language Learning
Corpora and Dialogue Annotations
Corpus statistics
Discourse analysis
Emotion in Speech
Forensic Phonetics
general linguistics
Human Voice Understanding
Knowledge-based Speech Recognition
Language Identification
Language Learning
Language Modeling
Language Processing
Lexical and Terminological Databases
Multimodal Human-Machine Communication
Natural Language Semantics
Oral Dialogue
Pronunciation Modelling
Prosodic Studies in Spontaneous Language Analysis
Provision and integration of voice verification using phones and
Psycholinguistics of Phonology
Speaker Recognition
Speech Production
Speech Reading (Lipreading)
Speech Recognition
Speech Synthesis
Speech Technologies
Spoken Dialogue Systems
Spoken Translation
Spontaneous Speech
Voice Identification
Voice Processing
Voice to Text Conversion for the Hearing Impaired 
PhotographDescription or CV

   K. - D.Ph., D.Sc. of Philology, Sc. Degree of Professor, Academician
   of the International Informatization Academy, Head of Department of
   Applied and Experimental Linguistics at Moscow State Linguistic
   University. World-wide Scientist on the domain of General and Applied
   Phonetics, Applied and Experimental Linguistics, Linguadidactics,
   Acoustics of speech, New Informatization Technologies Germanistics,
   Speech recognition and Speaker identification, Paralinguistics. Author
   of 390 Publications in Russia and other countries including well-known
   books and monographies:

   The Priority Trends in Dynamics of Modern Applied Speechology (2000)

   Fundamental modern methods of analysis and synthesis of speech (1971)

   Experimental phonetic investigations of speech segments (1979)

   Syllable phonetics of Germanic languages (1986)

   General and Applied Phonetics (1 Ed. 1986)

   Speech driving of robots (1989)

   Introduction into Lingua-cybernetics (1990)

   Peculiarity features of German pronunciation (1991)

   Mystery of modern centaur /human-machine interface/ (1992)

   Natural language-processing in science and industry (1992)

   Dictionary of German Pronunciation /especially for difficult pretonic
   vowels/ (1994)

   Speech: communication, information, cybernetics (1997)

   General and Applied Phonetics (2 Ed. 1997)

   Connotative paralinguistics (1997, 1998)

   Electronic Encyclopaedia for forensic phonetic experts (1999; 2000),

   During many years is Head of Speech Communication commission of
   Scientific Technical Board of the Higher Education Ministry. Member of
   Editorial board of the Journal "Social and Human Sciences in Russia
   and foreign countries" (Institute of Scientific Information of the
   Science Academy of Russia). Member of International Association of
   Forensic Phonetics (Center - in UK). Member of Editorial Board of the
   International Journal "Forensic linguistics: Speech, Language and the
   Low" (Birmingham, UK). Vice-President of Interregional Association on
   cognitive, communicative and contrastive Linguistics (Center - in
   Moscow), Vice-President and Regional Secretary of International Soc.
   of Phonetic Sciences /ISPhS/ (Center - in Germany). International
   Award of Recognition: included in "5000 Personalities of the World"
   for Outstanding Contributions to Higher Education (Ed. 4) (USA).
   Recipient of the ABI's Gold Medal "In honor of Outstanding
   Achievements (USA, 1992), Grant-holder "Outstanding Scientist of
   Russia", State Title of Honored High Education Worker of Russia,
   Chairman of Speech Acoustics and Applied Linguistics Commission of
   Acoustic Society of Russia, etc.

   Current Professional Activity, Areas of Specialization: Applied and
   Experimental Linguistics, General and Applied Phonetics, Germanic
   Languages, Speechology, Artificial Intelligence, Analysis and
   Synthesis of Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding,
   Databases of Languages, Expert-systems, CALL (Computer Assisted
   Language Learning) systems, Forensic Phonetics.

   More detailed CV of R.K. Potapova is published in:

   Five Thousand Personalities of the World. The American Biographical
   Institute. Ed. 4.

   The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership. American
   Biographical Institute. Ed. 5.

   The World Who's Who of Women. International Biographical Center,
   Cambridge, England (1994-1995). Ed. 12.

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