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[ ID = 0494 ] Dr Athanassios Hatzis 
Name Hatzis, Dr Athanassios
Job Title Neuroinformatics Consultant 
Organisation Dept of Neurosurgery - Medical School - University of Athens 
Postal Code  
City Athens 
Country Greece 
Email ahatzis_(on)_athanassios.gr [@ replaced for spam protection]
Organisation URL  
Personal URL http://www.athanassios.gr 
Membership British Computer Society - MBCS 
LanguagesEnglish Greek
Specialism Neural Networks
Speech Evaluation
Speech Recognition
Brain Computer Interface
Psycholinguist Assessment 
PhotographDescription or CV
Curriculum Vitae

         Personal  Details

   Name                                                        :
   Athanassios Hatzis

   Home Address                                          :    5 Mordaunt
   Road, S2 2AP, Sheffield, U.K

   Home, Work, Mobile Telephone            :    0114-2645432 |
   0114-2221950 | 0771-9299495

   Email Address                                          :

   WWW Address                                        :


   September 1995 - September 1999         :    PhD in Speech Technology

   University of Sheffield, Department of Computer Science

   September 1994 - September 1995         :    MSc in Information

   University of Edinburgh, Department of Artificial Intelligence

   September 1989 - June 1993                   :    BSc in Computer

   American University of South-Eastern Europe, G.P.A (3.23 / 4.0)

   September 1981 - June 1987                   :    Leaving Certificate

   2nd Lyceum of Paleo Phaliro, G.P.A (17.6 / 20) 

   September 1980 - July 1994                    :    Diploma in
   Classical Piano Performance

   Piano Music school of Tzenny Protopapa, Grade - Excellent

         Professional Experience

   October            2001    -    Present                       :
   Postdoctoral Research Associate,

               Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield

   January            2000    -    June                2000    :
   Teaching in the Department of Computer Science,

               Ellanion University (University of Portsmouth).

               Teaching in IST Studies (University of Heartfordshire),

                     Assistant to the scheme tutor in CS department.

          October          1996    -    October          1998    :
   Tutoring in the Department of Computer Science,

                     University of Sheffield.

          December       1995    -    December       1996    :
   Teaching and demonstrating in Barnsley College,

                     Assistant to Director in Estates Department.

   October          1993    -    September      1994    :    Teaching in
   Eurolingua Cararigas (Language school).

              Assistant to Director in the IT sector.

   January          1992    -    October          1992    :    Military
   Service in Greek Navy, Electronic Fire

       Commander, Maintenance and use of the computer system.

   February         1990    -    June                1990    :
   Tutoring in the computer labs

              The American University of South-Eastern Europe.

   September      1988    -    July                 1989    :    Military
   Service as a first year naval cadet 

              Greek  Naval  Academy.

         Awards  &  Prizes

   Award of excellence - 2nd class at Lyceum.

   Award of honour for successful entrance to the Military Academy and
   cash reward from my municipality.

   Award of a scholarship to cover my MSc fees from the Scottish Office.


   English                                                 :
   Excellent spoken and written English.

   Greek                                                   :      Mother

         Software skills

         Programming languages                :      Tcl/Tk, Perl, C++,
   Basic, Pascal, Lisp, Prolog, Clips, Assembly

         Speech processing toolkits            :      CSLU, Snack,
   XWaves, HTK, SFS.

         Statistical packages                       :      Matlab,
   Excel, SNNS, LVQ, SOM, Tooldiag

         Database processing                     :      DbaseIV,
   Clipper, SQL, Access.

         Operating systems                         :      UNIX (Linux,
   Solaris), Windows, DOS, NOS.

         Technical expertise

   Speech Production, Acoustics, Phonetics, Phonology, Pattern

   Connectionist Computing, Real-time Programming, Graphical User

         Personal skills

   Tenacity, Creativity,
   Imagination                                                          :
   Piano music school

   Discipline, Obedience, Responsibility,
   Team-spirit                              : Greek naval academy

   Determination, Will, Punctuality, Respect, Understanding
               : Higher university education

   Communication, Influence, Judgement,
   Self-Confidence                     : Teaching positions

   Patience, Enthusiasm, Initiative, Planning, Reasoning, Ambition
   : Research posts

         Interests  &  Activities

   Swimming, Water-Polo, Volley-Ball, Table-Tennis, Chess, Piano
   Performance, Byzantine Chanting.


   Dr. John Hallam - Senior
   Lecturer                                         Prof. Phil Green -
   Senior Lecturer

   Dept. of Artificial Intelligence, Edinburgh University
   Dept. of Computer Science, Sheffield University

   5 Forrest Hill, Edinburgh EH1 2QL, U.K
   211 Portobello Street, Sheffield, S1 4DP, U.K

   Tel.  0044 - (0)131 -
   6503097                                             Tel : 0044 -
   (0)114 - 2221810

   email :
   email : p.green@dcs.shef.ac.uk


         Computer Science Courses Covered in BSc

   Theoretical Foundations of Computing
   C+         Computer Networks                     B+

   Introduction to Computer Hardware
   B-          Introduction to Logic Design         C

   Programming and Data Structures
   C+         Small Computer Systems              A-

   Introduction to Operating Systems
   B+         Pascal  Language                          A

   Introduction to Database Management
   C-          C  Language                                 A-

   File Processing and Design of Database Structures
   B            Lisp  Language                             A

   Theory of Computer Translators
   C            Assembly  Language                     A

   Interactive Computer Graphics
   A            Computer Laboratory I                 B+

                                   Computer Laboratory II

         Courses Covered in MSc

   I  term                                                            II

        Programming in
   Programming in Lisp

        Knowledge Representation and Inference
   1                           Knowledge Representation and Inference 2

        Expert systems
   Connectionist Computing (Neural Networks)

        Speech and Signal Processing 1
            Speech and Signal Processing 2

        Phonetics and Phonology


   Visualisation of articulation for the hearing impaired with self
   organising maps (VAHISOM).

   The project focuses on the speech production of the hearing impaired
   person. Most of the work is based on building an efficient and
   attractive user interface to explore the use of Kohonen's
   Self-Organising-Maps, SOM, in visualising the phonetic trajectory.
   Several experiments were done with a deaf person and normal speakers
   and the results were analysed and visualised with the VAHISOM program.
   The program is particularly useful for experimentation and
   demonstration of Self-Organising-Maps.

         Research in PhD

   Optical Logo-Therapy (OLT)

   OLT is an innovative technique in the field of computer based speech
   training aids. It uses speech processing, statistical, and software
   engineering techniques, and aims to provide the client with evaluative
   and directional real-time, audio-visual feedback of his /her
   articulation of sounds in isolation or words. OLT helps the client on
   the realisation and awareness of the relationship that exists between
   the different articulatory configurations and the acoustics of a
   certain speech production.


   Author            :    A.Hatzis, P.D. Green, S.Howard

   Title                :    Optical Logo-Therapy (OLT), A computer based
   speech training system for the
                            visualisation of articulation using
   connectionist techniques.

   Proceedings    :    Institute of Acoustics conference on speech and
   hearing, (IOA'96)

   Year                :    November, 1996

   Author            :    A.Hatzis, P.D. Green, S.Howard

   Title                :    Optical Logo-Therapy (OLT), A computer based
   real time visual feedback application

                                for speech training.

   Proceedings    :    European conference on speech communication and
   technology, (Eurospeech'97)

   Year                :    September, 1997

   Author            :    A.Hatzis, P.D. Green, S.Howard

   Title                :    Optical Logo-Therapy (OLT) : Visual displays
   in practical auditory phonetics teaching.

   Proceedings    :    Phonetics Teaching & Learning Conference (PTLC'99)

   Year                :    April, 1999

   Author            :    A.Hatzis, P.D. Green

   Title                :    A two dimensional kinematic mapping between
   speech and acoustics and vocal tract

   Proceedings    :    Workshop on  Innovation in Speech Processing,

   Year                :    April, 2001

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