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Name Theis, Peter
Job Title President 
Organisation Theis Research & Engineering LLC 
Address 4249 Grove Ave. 
Postal Code 60031 
City Gurnee, IL 
Country United States 
Phone + +1 847 662 4863
Fax + +1 847 249 9773
Email theis_(on)_theisresearch.com [@ replaced for spam protection]
Organisation URL http://www.conservit.com 
Personal URL  
Specialism 24/7 support
Audio Signal Processing
Auditory Modelling
Automated Call Overflow
Automated Natural Language Speech
Background Noise Suppression
Business Application of Speech Technology
Call Center Automation
Call Center Management
Call Center Metrics
Call Center Telephone Switching
Callcenter Tuning
Causes of Listeners' Mishearing
Cognitive Engineering
Computational Linguistics
Computer Telephony Integration
Contact Center Optimisation
Contact Center Strategy
Contact Centre Management
Customer Care
Customer Care Process
Customer Relationship Management Services
Customer Satisfaction in the Call Center
Cutting Edge Customer Service
Detecting speech in noise
Development and Implementation of Speech Technology Applications
Dialogue Design
Dialogue Management
Dialogue Modelling
Dialogue System Evaluation
Dialogue systems
Digital Speech Processing
Financial application
General linguistics
Human Factors
Human Factors Engineering
Human Voice Understanding
Information Retrieval
Information Services by Telephone using Speech Technologies
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Investment in Speech Processing
Knowledge-based Speech Recognition
Language Modeling
Language Processing
Language Resources
Language Translation
Management Consulting
Market Research
Measurement of Quality of Service in Speech Systems
Medical Applications
Multi-medium Customer Relationship solutions
Multilingual Speech Recognition
Multimodal Communciation
Multimodal Dialogue Systems
Multimodal Human-Machine Communication
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Semantics
Naturalistic Spoken Language
Noise Effects
Noise Reduction
Non-HMM Methods for Speech Recognition
Objective Speech Quality
Objective speech quality measures
Oral Dialogue
Para- and Extralinguistic Aspects of Speech
Pattern Recognition and Statistical Data Analysis
Perceptual analysis of speech and gestures
Project Management
Pronunciation Modelling
Recognition Technologies
Robust Speech Recognition
Robust Speech Understanding
Signal Analysis
Signal Processing
Spanish Phonetics/Phonology
Speech Acoustics
Speech Aerodynamics
Speech Analysis
Speech Applications
Speech Enabled IVRs
Speech intelligibility measurement
Speech Perception
Speech Processing
Speech quality measurement
Speech Recognition
Speech Retrieval
Speech Signal Processing
Speech Summarization
Speech Synthesis
Speech Technologies
Speech Understanding
Speech-Enabled IVR Systems
Speech-to-Speech Translation
Spoken Dialogue and Robust Speech Understanding
Spoken Dialogue Modeling
Spoken Dialogue Processing
Spoken Dialogue Systems
Spoken Language Resources and Evaluation
Spoken Translation
Spontaneous Speech
Statistical Language Modeling and Analysis
Statistical Language Modelling for Speech Recognition
Statistical Methods for Information Retrieval
Statistical Pattern Recognition
Strategic Planning
Technology Implementation
Telephone Announcement Systems
Testing of Dialogue Systems
Turkish Syntax
Use of articulatory models for ASR
Voice Activity Detection
Voice of Customer
Voice Processing
Voice Recording
Voice to Text Conversion for the Hearing Impaired
Voice-Driven Telecommunications Applications
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 Peter F. Theis


 Peter F. Theis is a pioneer in the automated voice processing
 industry. He has been awarded twenty-five U.S. patents and numerous
 foreign ones. His patents and applications include voice processing,
 telephone switching, telephone announcement systems, telephone number
 management systems and natural language voice processing. He is the
 recognized inventor of interactive voice response (IVR). His patented
 inventions form the basis for automated directory assistance,
 automated operators, automated call overflow, and voice mail.

 He was a member of the FCC Answering Devices and Ancillary Equipment
 Subcommittee that led up to FCC Part 68 which enabled Customer
 Provided Equipment to be directly connected to the telephone lines,
 ending an AT&T monopoly. He has been involved with computers for over
 forty years, with automated call processing for over thirty years, and
 with automated call centers for over 15 years.

 He is a founder and president of Conversational Voice Technologies
 Corporation (ConServIT), one of the most advanced automated call
 centers in the world. His articles and treatises have been published
 in numerous trade publications. He has spoken on numerous occasions to
 groups such as the Licensing Executives Society, the Society of
 Consumer Affairs Professionals and the Invention Convention. He is
 listed in Marquis Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in 
America, Who's
 Who in Science and Engineering, and Who's Who in Finance and 

 Mr. Theis graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical 
 from Yale University and was awarded an honorary fellowship to the
 University of Stockholm, Sweden. He received a Masters degree in
 Business Administration from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from
 the Illinois Institute of Technology.

 His recent publications include:
 + A Better Way to Evaluate and Manage Telemarketing Services -
 Marginal Yield as a Management Tool
 + Is Your Automated Voice System Talking at Callers, or
 Communicating with Them?
 + Is Your Effort to Reduce Call Center Costs Actually Increasing
 + Transforming Your Customer Service into a Profit Center
 + The Executive Level Report for Telemarketing Services
 + Inbound Telemarketing Services: Which Clients Win and Which
 Clients Lose
 + Yield: The Executive Level Measurement of Teleservices

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